Taking the Tasks

After logging into the website, there is a "Tasks" tab on the left sidebar. Click on “Tasks” to view the Task Page which lists the seven cognitive tasks to complete. The tasks will test a variety of cognitive functions including working memory, attention and creativity. Each task can be completed in approximately 10-15 minutes. Do not worry if some tasks take you longer to complete than others. To ensure that you can see the entire task, please complete the task in fullscreen mode by clicking on the blue box on the bottom right of the page. Please complete all testing alone, in a quiet space with minimum distraction, and to the best of your abilities. We’re very grateful for your participation, and the data we collect from your testing is invaluable in our scientific investigation.

Submitting the Tasks

After completing each cognitive task, there will be a series of numbers/letters appearing on the website. This is your “Coded Data”. It is extremely important that you follow the following steps in order to properly submit your data:

When you finish a cognitive task, a dialog should pop-up from the bottom of the page with a long string of text. This is your encoded data. If you do not see this dialog, ensure that the task is not in fullscreen mode by pressing the "Esc" key and click the button labelled "Data" on the top navigation bar of the webpage. Once you see the data, click submit. You should receive a message telling you that the task was successfully submitted. If not, ensure that you are logged into If it still will not submit, see the note in red at the bottom of this section.

Then, follow the instructions in order to paste your Coded Data in the submission form. When finished, click `Submit` and wait for confirmation that the submission went through. Repeat after finishing each cognitive task.

Important: If your Coded Data fails to submit, please copy your data to your clipboard video the button labeled "Copy" in the dialog. Then, email your Coded Data to ude.uyn@0954bj with Subject Title: "FY_ - DATA SUBMISSION ERROR.” Provide your Subject ID number and a brief explanation of what happened. We will fix the issue as soon as possible.

Issues with Tasks

Though we have taken steps to ensure that our tasks run on a wide variety of hardware, there are some limitations imposed by our frameworks. If you have trouble running any of our tasks, please contact ude.uyn@0954bj with your issue. Below, you will find some additional information regarding the tasks.

Spatial Navigation: By its nature, Spatial Navigation requires that the task be in 3D. Unfortunately, not all computer hardware is capable of rendering 3D graphics smoothly. This is particularly true of laptop computers that lack dedicated graphics hardware. Regardless of what type of computer you're using to take the tasks, we encourage you to attempt to complete all of the tasks. Without a complete set of data from you, we are not able to effectively analyze your data for this study. As a matter of experience, we've found that most recent Apple laptops (from 2011 onwards) are able to run the task at a sufficient speed. Many mid-range Windows laptops manufactured around the same time are also able to run the task without much of an issue.